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Add and remove credit card as a payment method to Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN)

Intuit PaymentNetwork will be discontinued on 5/31/2016.
Learn more about the transistion.

IPN customers who send invoices directly from QuickBooks can accept credit cards as a payment method via Intuit PaymentNetwork.

Turn On Credit Card

1. Sign in to Intuit PaymentNetwork.

2. Click Profile.

3. Under Receiving Preferences, click Turn On.


 4. Agree to "Terms and Conditions" and click Confirm.


5. After clicking Confirm:

Auto Approved Users will be directed to fill out a Receiver Application.

  Approved Users will see a confirmation message.

 NOTE: Company Payment Preferences would have to be set to allow "bank or credit card payments." Each memorized invoice will have to be re-saved with the "bank or credit card"  option on!

6. Receiving Preferences will now look like this:

Users with Pending Application:

Approved Users:




Turn Off Credit Card

1. Click on Profile.

2. Under Receiving Preferences, click the Turn Off button.

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