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Set up a recurring credit card sales receipt in QuickBooks Online

You probably already knew that you can accept credit card and bank transfer payments from your customers with the power of QuickBooks Online and a QuickBooks Payments account. But did you know that you can also set up a recurring transaction for those of your customers who pay you on a schedule? Here's how

Detailed instructions
  1. At the top-right of QuickBooks Online, click the Company/Gear icon > Recurring Transactions.

  2. Click the New button, then select Sales Receipt as the transaction type. A sales receipt template form appears.

  3. Give your new template a name and make sure to select Scheduled as the template type.
  4. Select or enter a customer. If you would like an email to automatically be sent, be sure to enter an email address as well.
  5. Set up the Interval, Start date, and End.
    •  Interval: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
    • Additional interval parameters are available to customize when the transaction is automatically created. For example, you could choose to charge your customer every 4 days or the 2nd Tuesday of every other month.
    • The Start date must be at least one day in the future. This is because scheduled recurring transactions are automatically created within the first half of the day, and choosing a day in the future will ensure the first time it runs is the day you've selected.
    • The End option (not required) allows you to stop the template from running after a certain number of times or on a specific date. If left empty, the template will continue to recur until you edit or delete it.
  6. Select a credit card Payment Method and enter the card details if they are not yet saved in QuickBooks. Make sure the Process credit card checkbox is filled.
  7. Enter the rest of the transaction information just as you would on a one-time sales receipt.
  8. When you're finished, click Save template. You are provided with a recurring credit card authorization form to print out.
  9. Card brand regulations require a recurring credit card authorization to be signed by the cardholder and retained by you. Ask you customer to fill out the form, sign it, and return it to you before the first recurring charge happens.

     For your protection, we recommend keeping the signed form in a safe place for 18 months after the final charge takes place.
  10. You are returned to your list of recurring templates. Double-check the Next Date column to be sure you set the interval just how you want it. (Need to make changes? Click the template, then click the Edit button.)
On-going troubleshooting for recurring Sales Receipts in QBO

QBO support handles most any problems or issues regarding the memorized Sales Receipt. There is one issue that should be owned by Payments, and troubleshooted and escalated up our support path. If the recurring Sales Receipt is generated inside QBO, but the Payment fails, Payments support should review and troubleshoot the issue. 


How merchants can self-serve:

  • Most of the time, when a recurring Sales Receipt fails to process the payment, the merchant will need to self-serve. QBO directs the merchant to Sales Receipts that failed to process with an Alert the merchant should see at login. Only if this work-around for self-service doesn't work, should this issue be escalated up your normal escalation path. 
  • What the Alert looks like in QBO:

  • When the merchant opens the Sales Receipt that failed to process, the should see a section that allows them to "Process again". Have them check this box, and reubmit/save the Sales Receipt. You can confirm the payment went thru using ASC or QBN.
  • What the "Process again" check box looks like on the Sales Receipt


 Merchants should be directed to the Alert Center, for any failed recurring transactions. An example of what the Alert Center looks like:

In summary:

  • Payments handled: If a recurring Sales Receipt is generated inside QBO, but the corresponding payment failed for non-card specific reasons (Decline, Credit Floor, Do Not Honor, etc), please validate if an authorization was attempted in ASC. Once confirmed no attempt was made, direct the merhant to self-serve to re-submit the transaction. If that also fails, please use your normal Payment's escalation path to report the issue. 
  • QBO handled: If the recurring Sales Receipt is not generated, please use the QBO escalation path to notify QBO support of the issue. 



'Temporary system outage' & 'Not subscribed' error messages

If all merchant service features are working except recurring slaes receipts please contact payment support at 1-800-558-9558


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