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Computer freezes when QuickBooks company file is open

When a company file is opened, there are instances when you may encounter performance issues on your desktop PC.
Your computer could seem to run slow as you access your company file or it could even freeze up altogether.

Why is this happening

There are several possible reasons for this issue. Check them one by one to determine the root cause.

  • Compatibility issues (as far as system requirements are concerned).
  • Company file not locally saved (saved in an external drive or a server).
  • Damaged program file
  • Corrupted hard drive
  • Company file size is extremely large; even larger that the drive size where it is located.

If the last reason is determined as the exact root cause, proceed with the instructions below to troubleshoot the error.

Detailed Instruction
  1. Close all instances of QuickBooks.
  2. On the Windows menu, click Start then go to File Explorer.
  3. Search for the location of your company file.
    Note: Default location of QuickBooks company files is in the C Drive, unless otherwise moved to a different location.
    If you do not know where your file is saved and if you are unable to locate it, open this link to Search for your company file.

  4. Once you have found your company file, take note of its path (for future reference as well).
    You will notice that there are 3 different file extensions individually attached to your file.
    1. companyfilename.qbw.nd - Network Database file
    2. companyfilename.qbw.tlg - Transaction Log file
    3. companyfilename.qbw - QuickBooks company file
    These are automatically included in the folder where the actual .qbw file extension is located.
  5. Rename the data files. Add the word "OLD" at the beginning of the file name.
    For example:

    Important: Renaming the data files will help compress the file size.
  6. Reboot your computer.
  7. Go to File Explorer and access the file location.
  8. Right click on your file that has .qbw file extension and remove the word "OLD" that was placed.
    The file size should have been reduced at this point.
  9. Relaunch QuickBooks and open your actual company file.
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