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Manually upgrade QuickBooks Plus to the latest version

This articel provides the step by step instructions on how to update your QuickBooks Plus to hte latest year version.

Detailed Instructions
  1. Get QuickBooks updates.
    1. Go to Help > Update QuickBooks. The Update QuickBooks window opens.
    2. In the Update Now tab, click the Get Updates.
  2. Close and re-open QuickBooks. The QuickBooks upgrade message appears.
  3. Click the link Retrieve it for you, to get your QuickBooks Plus license and product number that is returned to you.
  4. In the QuickBooks upgrade message, click Install Now to start the installation of the latest year version of QuickBooks.
  5. Enter the license and product number of the latest year version of your QuickBooks.
  6. Once you have successfully installed the latest product, make sure to register your QuickBooks to have uninterrupted functionality of your QuickBooks

Note: Intuit provides 30 day grace period to register your QuickBooks from the day you installed the software.

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