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Get started with QuickBooks mobile payments

Welcome to mobile payments!  If you follow the steps below, you'll be taking credit card payments in no time.  Additional resources and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available here.  

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Setting up or configure a mobile device to use with QuickBooks Mobile Payments

The following applies to all mobile devices that are to be used with the GoPayment application and associated hardware:

  • Internet and Instant Message access is a required feature for the mobile device.
  • Confirm your device is compatible with the GoPayment application and associated hardware.
  • Make sure that you do not have any type of cover or protective skin on the mobile device.
  • For the Audio Jack card reader, make sure all volume settings are turned all the way up with the card reader connected.
  • The mobile device must be at the latest operating system release version.
  • Must have a strong connection that is not interrupted (i.e. not on a call, no Call Waiting or other interference during the connection).
  • The speaker-phone must be disabled.
  • No other applications are running on the device when using GoPayment.


IMPORTANT: Our product development team tests GoPayment on the compatible devices listed above, as they are configured from the factory. In some cases it may be necessary to return the mobile device back to its original, "like new" configuration to ensure that it will work with GoPayment and the associated hardware. For more information on returning your device to this original state, contact your mobile device provider.

Follow the appropriate steps below for your device's specific parameters to ensure it is optimally configured to work with GoPayment:




  • Turn off restrictions for GoPayment: Settings ► General ►Restrictions ► disable
  • TTY mode must be off: Settings ► Phone ► TTY Mode ► off
  • All internet Cookies must be allowed: Settings ► Safari ► Allow Cookies ► always



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