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Change the address, phone number or contact email as it appears on my payments account

At times you may find the need to update the address, phone number and/or contact email information for your QuickBooks payments account.

Note: For GoPayment accounts, this also applies to the contact email, address and doing-business-as that appears on your GoPayment receipt.

You can make these updates easily online by following the steps below.

Need to change your email address?
 There are several different places to change your email address.  Learn how to update your account email address.


Detailed instructions
  1. Sign in to the Online Service Center.
  2. From the menu on any page choose Account > Account Profile.
  3. Under the Contact Information section, click the Edit button.

  4. Edit your information and click Save

  5. A confirmation message tells you that changes will take effect within 48 hours.  Click Close to exit the window.


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