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Change business, bank account, or contact information in the Merchant Service Center

It's fast and easy to change your information. Do it all in the  Merchant Service Center.

Note: To protect the security of your payments account, only users with Full Admin access can see and change information in your account profile. And only the principle’s user id (Master Admin User ID or MMa) can make change requests to update the DDA (Direct Deposit Account) on file.

The following information can be changed from within the MSC (Merchant Service Center):

  • Business Information
    • Doing Business As (this is the name your customer will see on their receipts)
    • Industry type
    • Ownership type
    • Website address
  • Deposit Account Information
    • Account type: Checking -or- Savings
    • Routing number
    • Account number
    • Account nickname
  • Contact information
    • Physical and Mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Customer service number (for your customer to view)
    • Contact email 

 NOTE: Some changes may need to be reviewed by Intuit before they take effect. If a change does not immediately appear, please wait up to 48 hrs for it to take effect or call us at 800-558-9558 to confirm your change.

IMPORTANT:  If the account needs to have changes made to the Tax ID , SSN or Legal Business Name, it is required that a brand new account with the correct information is made.

Editing your information
  1. Sign in to the Merchant Service Center using your Intuit login.
  2. From the menu on any page, choose Account > Account Profile.
  3. Find the section containing the details you want to change and click its Edit button. (Read on for details on each section.)

    NOTE: Only the principle of the account may update/change the Bank Account information on file.

    NOTE: For your protection, you may be prompted to enter the last four digits of your business Tax ID number or SSN. 





Tip: GoPayment users can also make these edits within GoPayment on your mobile device. See Change your Bank Account, Business Name or Contact Information from within GoPayment.
For steps on changing other information in your GoPayment Receipt click here.

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