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Process a credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks payments account processing is available from within QuickBooks Desktop for supported versions linked to a properly configured payments account.

There are two ways to process a credit card in QuickBooks:

  • Receive Payment - applies to QuickBooks customers when invoices are used to provide products or services
  • Enter Sales Receipt - applies to sales of products or services where no invoice is used


Follow the steps below to complete a transaction using one of these options.

NOTE: When using Jobs with a Receive Payment and a stored credit card number, only the credit card listed for the credit card for the higher hierarchy Customer itself will be available. Although the subordinate Job(s) will allow a different card number to be entered, it will not appear when an actual credit card charge is processed for the Customer of that Job.

Detailed instructions
  1. Log in to the QuickBooks Desktop Company file that is linked to a working payments account.
  2. From the Home screen (or Customers menu), select Receive Payments (or Create Sales Receipts).


  3. When the payment window appears (Customer Payment or Sales Receipt) complete the customer/order information as expected. However, be careful to accurately submit the following items for proper credit card processing (if a supported USB card reader is attached, click the Swipe Card button in either of these windows):
      • Payment Method (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) - *make sure the process payment when saving box is checked.
      • Card Number/Expiration Date
      • Amount of transaction

    Receive Payment in QuickBooks 2013 and newer

    Sales Receipt in QuickBooks 2013 and newer
  5. When finished, click the Process Payment button.
    NOTE: For Customer Payments that do not have an open invoice, a pop-up warning will appear notifying you of an overpayment. Click OK to continue here and a credit in the amount processed will appear for that customer when completed.
  6. Click Save & Close to complete the process.
  • If Merchant Services is already deactivated in the Company file, please ensure you uncheck the Process Payment box so you are not prompted to connect to Merchant Services.
  • As another  workaround, you can try changing the Credit Card payment method to CASH in the Payment Method List. This will gray out the Process Payment box and prevent it from from being selected.
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