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Complete the Intuit QuickBooks payments approval email

After applying for a QuickBooks payments account, an approval email will be sent to notify you the application was successful.

The first step before activation involves completing the approval email which will assign the login and password to be used during that process unless you are auto approved.

Note: The standard time to receive an approval email is 1-2 business days unless further review is needed from our Underwriting team. In the event we need more information you will be contacted via email.

Payments accounts that receive an approval email include:

  • Gopayment
  • Quickbooks for PC and Quickbooks for MAC
  • eCommerce
  • QuickBooks Point-of-Sale 2013 and newer


Detailed instructions

1. Open the approval email that was sent to the address on the application. There are two types of approval emails. If your account was auto approved you will not need to follow the steps below because you have already created a user ID and password for your account! If this is the case and you can't remember your user ID or password, then you will be able to locate it when you press  How do I find my login? or Forgot your password? on our updated approval email.

2. Click the Log In link. This opens a web page to log in to the payments account and complete the sign-up.



3. Enter the payments account credentials for the account you will be linking to QuickBooks and click the Log in button to complete the sign-up process.

NOTE: If there is already a username associated with the email on the account, the link "Already have an Intuit login" will appear. Click that link to continue using an existing login.


4. A window appears indicating the login has been linked to the account. 

5. This account is now ready to be linked to a supported version of QuickBooks. (See Link your payments account to your QuickBooks for Windows company file.)

Haven't heard of Quickbooks? No problem! Just visit Quickbooks.com

NOTE: Once the above steps are completed, and you have Quickbooks, the account must be activated in QuickBooks before it becomes fully active.

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