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Determine if there is a problem with a QuickBooks data file

Data problems with QuickBooks will cause problems with any merchant service(s) that is associated with a particular data file.

These problems do not usually indicate there is a data issue and frequently appear to be caused by something unrelated.

Follow the instructions below to perform a cursory examination of the data file.

If any message appears indicating there is a problem with the data file, the appropriate QuickBooks software support team will need to be contacted to resolve the issue.

In a successful attempt, QuickBooks will return a message similar to "QuickBooks has detected no problems with the data file" and that data file can now be activated with a merchant service.


Detailed instructions

Before beginning, be sure QuickBooks has been updated to the most recent release by going to the Help drop-down and select Update QuickBooks. If an update is required complete that process before continuing.

1. In QuickBooks, go to the File drop-down

2. Select the Utilities option.

3. Click on Verify data.
Note: It is recommended to run Verify on the computer where the file is stored. Running Verify on file across the network, on a flash drive, a network drive or an external drive may take a long time and may cause additional errors.

NOTE:  A pop-up message may appear informing you that all open windows will be closed. Click OK here to continue.

4. Once the verify process begins, a pop-up window appears with the percentage completed. This process is dependant on the size of the data file. Larger files may take several minutes to complete. It is not uncommon for this progress bar to appear static for a time before it begins to move.


5. Once the verify is complete another pop-up window appears indicating the condition of the data file. If the message indicates there is any sort of problem with the data file, QuickBooks software support 866-293-1928 will need to be contacted to resolve the data issue.

NOTE: The rebuild data utility (located just below Verify data) may be used. However, if that process fails as well, the data file may become locked and QuickBooks software support will certainly need to be contacted to resolve the issue.

6. Once the verify data utility returns a favorable response, the QuickBooks data file can now be activated with merchant services.

NOTE: If a problem occurs and the Rebuild feature is used. The Verify Data steps will need to be repeated to confirm the issue has been resolved.

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