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Perform alternate methods for linking a payments account to QuickBooks

Occasionally the typical method of mapping a payments account to QuickBooks does not work.

This may be due to what appears as an existing, previously linked account yet credit card transactions cannot be processed. (i.e. QuickBooks shows Credit Card Processing Activities as an option yet no Auth ID is present in the Product Information window).

This problem is particularly present with merchants upgrading their QuickBooks or changing version where the prior data file was linked to a payments account and/or changes that may have occurred during that process (i.e. Non-supported version of QuickBooks changing to Online Terminal due to PCI compliance).

Detailed instructions

When linking a payments account, the Customer Credit Card Protection must be enabled. If you have not done this or are not sure, click the link here to complete this step.

The options for lining your payments account are listed below in order of complexity:

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