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Perform a void, refund, reverse or credit from within QuickBooks

For merchant accounts linked to a QuickBooks company file.

A refund may need to be submitted from within QuickBooks software so that the information integrates with other related data.


  • Refund - occurs after the batch has closed for the original transaction
  • Void - occurs before the batch has closed for the original transaction
  • Reverse, Credit - A global term that describes a Refund or Void depending on whether the batch has closed for the original transaction

Credits or refunds are applied to the cardholder's credit card after the batch closes however there may be some additional time before the cardholder see the credit due to the card issuing bank procedures.

Voids are applied instantly and do not charge the card however an Authorization Hold may occur due to the card issuing banks procedures. the cardholder will need to contact their bank to remove an Authorization hold of this occurs.

NOTE: Credit Card Refunds are subject to the following limitations:

  • Processed on the same Merchant Account/Company Auth ID combination as original sale.
  • Within rolling 6 months of the original transaction.
  • Refund issued to the credit card used on original sale.
  • Refund amount should be for no more than the total amount processed on card.
Detailed instructions - QuickBooks Desktop

Perform a Refund (after the batch closes)

1. Log in to the QuickBooks application.

2. From the QuickBooks home screen click on the Refunds & Credits icon.


3. The customer Credit Memo window appears. Complete the appropriate information for the customer name and the amount to be refunded.

4, Click Save & Close (or Save & New if there are more credits to submit).

5. This brings up the Available Credit pop-up box. Select Give A refund to apply the credit to a credit card.


6. The Issue a Refund pop-up window appears. Select the credit card type to be refunded (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex) and enter the card information.

NOTE: Be sure the Process credit card refund when saving box is checked.

7. Click the OK button to complete the refund for processing.

NOTE: If any adjustments or corrections are needed to the accounting information in QuickBooks, the QuickBooks Support Team will need to be contacted at 800-320-7276. 


Void a payment (before the batch closes)


Void a Credit Memo -or- Void a Refund (can only be performed before the batch closes)


Detailed instructions - QuickBooks Online
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