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Change your email address in Intuit Payment Network (IPN)

Intuit PaymentNetwork will be discontinued on 5/31/2016.
Learn more about the transistion.

To update your email address, follow the steps below or click on the video above to watch a tutorial.


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Detailed instructions

1.  Sign in to IPN at https://ipn.intuit.com.

2.  From the menu on the left, click Profile.

3.  Click Edit.


 4.  Change the Sign-in Name and  Email Address fields.

Note: The sign-in name will also be updated for Credit Card and Check Processing accounts. 


5. The Sign-in Name is immediately updated; however, the Contact Email Address will need further verification. The following message will be displayed on the screen:


6. Open the email received from Intuit PaymentNetwork and click on the Confirmation Link.


7. The Contact Email Address is now updated as well.



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