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Set up a QuickBooks Mobile Payments card reader

With a few easy steps, you can set up the card reader to accept credit card payments on your smart phone or tablet.

Click the Play button below to watch a video tutorial on using the card reader. For additional resources and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), go to http://support.intuit.com/payments/.

Detailed instructions

1. The GoPayment app is compatible with most Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. To see if your device is compatible, check the List of Devices Compatible with the Free Card Reader.

2. To use the card reader, plug it into the headphone jack on your phone or tablet. If your phone has a case, you may need to remove it first to ensure a good connection.

3. Start the GoPayment app.

4. Turn the volume on your device all the way up. This step is important because the card reader transmits data using an audio signal.

5. Tap the Settings icon on your device to access the Settings menu. You should be able to edit several Payments Settings within here.

     Android                                                                                                                                                    Apple


6. There are only two existing card readers that are currently compatible with the GoPayment app. The newer versions of the app will automatically identify which version of the card reader you are using as soon as you plug it in. Below is an example of what you will see when you select Card Reader through the Settings menu and pictures of the supported readers. If for any reason your card reader is not working, or you need to order a new one, you can do it through here. Simply press the Order it here link.


6. To accept a credit card payment, tap New Payment and enter the dollar amount or select the items to be processed. When you're finished, click the White Arrow and choose the way you want to process the payment.


7.  Swipe the credit card through the card reader.

8.  Have the customer sign with their finger and tap Charge.

Note: You can send a copy of the receipt to the customer via email or text. Tap Done to return to the Home page.

If your card reader isn’t functioning properly, make sure the connection is good. The plug should snap into place when you insert it.
If the card reader still does not work, try disabling Bluetooth, restarting your phone, or clearing the cookie, history and cache through your phone’s web browser. For more information, see card reader troubleshooting guide.


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