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QuickBooks is slow or unresponsive when Intuit Sync Manager is running

When Intuit Sync Manager detects that changes have been made in your online applications, it downloads those changes and applies them to your company file as appropriate. 

Depending on the online application you are using and the tasks you have performed, this process could take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. 

If you are working in QuickBooks at the time, you may find that QuickBooks slows down or becomes unresponsive while the sync completes. When QuickBooks is unresponsive, you may be tempted to exit and then reopen it. However, if you try to close your company file or exit QuickBooks application while Intuit Sync Manager is downloading and applying changes, you will receive a system message that QuickBooks cannot close because an application is using the company file.

Important: Do not attempt a forced shutdown at this point. A forced shutdown can cause sync errors and issues that could result in some data failing to download from your online application to your company file.

While the sync is in process, you may see the following message:

Syncing... Your online data is being downloaded to your company file. Please be patient and do not exit QuickBooks until it completes.

 screen shot of sync message

If you are performing a task in QuickBooks, wait until the sync completes and do not try to close QuickBooks.

Detailed instructions

If you need to perform a critical task in QuickBooks and do not want the task to be interrupted by an upcoming sync, you have 2 options. You can change the automatic sync frequency to Manual or you can disable the sync entirely and then reenable it after you have completed your task.

Important: Disabling the sync or changing the sync frequency to Manual will stop Intuit Sync Manager from downloading data from your online applications to your company file and from uploading data from your company file to your online applications. This means that changes made online will not be uploaded to QuickBooks and changes made in QuickBooks will not be reflected online until you restart the sync process.

Use caution if you or others are depending on the the data in your company file and the data in your online applications being shared and up to date.

Option 1: Disable and then reenable the sync

  1. Open the Intuit Sync Manager. (Refer to Where to go to manage QuickBooks data sync for help.) If the Sync Manager doesn't display the table listing the company file, choose Options > Show Details.
  2. In the Sync Enabled? column for the company file, click the drop-down arrow and then click Disabled.
  3. Perform your task(s) in QuickBooks.
  4. Open Intuit Sync Manager again and repeat steps 1 and 2 but this time click Enabled at the end of step 2.


Option 2: Change the sync frequency to manual

  1. Open the Intuit Sync Manager. (Refer to Where to go to manage QuickBooks data sync for help.)
  2. Choose Options > Automatic Sync Options.
  3. Select Don't turn on automatic sync. I'll sync manually.
  4. Perform your task(s) in QuickBooks.
  5. Open Intuit Sync Manager again, and repeat steps 2 and 3 but this time select Automatically sync data every 1 hour (or whatever time period is appropriate for your workflow).

Important: If you do not reset the automatic sync frequency, you will need to open Intuit Sync Manager and click Sync Now on a regular basis to ensure that your company file stays in sync with your online applications.



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