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Add a user to your mobile payments account

Increase sales, take more payments at once!  Empower your team by adding them to your mobile payments account account from the online service center.  You can create an unlimited number of users on the same mobile payments account which means you can accept more payments, in more places, at the same time.

Detailed instructions
  1. Sign in to the online service center with the username and password you made at sign-up. 
  2. From the blue bar at the top, choose Account > Mobile Payments.

  3. Click Invite User.
  4. Fill out the form and click Submit to add your employee and invite them to your account. An invitation email will be sent to their inbox.

    Note: Learn more about mobile payments roles and how they restrict features and settings
  5. Have the new user check their email and click the link in the invitation email. (recommended method is on the computer not a mobile device)

  6. If they don't already have an Intuit username and password, have them complete the form to sign-up.  If they already have a user with us, click the Already have an Intuit User ID link and sign in.

You and your users can now log in to the GoPayment app and start accepting credit cards, either by:

  • Downloading the app and logging into GoPayment on your devices
  • Going to https://gopayment.intuit.com/ on any device with an internet connection (including your computer).
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