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Clear the sync settings in a company file

Clearing the sync settings will detach the company file from syncing to any Intuit online services.

This should only be used:
  • As a last resort in troubleshooting.
  • If reset sync is not available.
  • If the company files need to link to another Realm ID (business profile).

 Note: The process described in this article is only available in QuickBooks 2010 Release 6 and above.

Detailed instructions

Important: Performing the following steps will force your company file to run a new initial sync. This means that any QuickBooks data that was already synced with the online business profile will no longer be available.  

Clearing Sync Settings will cause loss of connection to any other apps that are currently being subscribed to. For example: Rebill, Intuit Practice Management (IPM), 1099 Efile service, Square Integration, Salesforce for QuickBooks/Integration, or 3rd party apps. Please be aware clearing the sync should be a LAST RESORT.
To clear the sync, follow these steps:
  1. Login to the company file as the administrator.
  2. Choose Help > Manage Data Sync > Clear Sync Settings.
    Note: Manage Data Sync is not available if the user is not logged in as admin to the company file.
  3. A caution message will display. Enter YES and click OK.
    This company file will not sync again until you set up Intuit Sync Manager.
  4. Set up Intuit Sync Manager for the file.
    • In QBW 2013 and later, choose File > Set Up Intuit Sync Manager.
  5. Sign in to your account.
  6. Select the appropriate online business profile for the company file.

If you subscribe to an Intuit connected service or you have an active subscription for assisted support, you can call us at 800.450.8475 to speak with an agent.

If you subscribe to a 3rd-party developer application that connects with QuickBooks, please contact the 3rd party developer for assistance.


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