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Export lists from QuickBooks Desktop and import to QuickBooks Mac Desktop

This article provides steps on how to export your QuickBooks Desktop data file and import them into your QuickBooks Mac Desktop data file.

Detailed instructions
On your Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista computer
  1. Export your lists to your desktop.
  2. Save the lists. It is recommended that you save each list in a separate file to avoid import issues.
  3. Open the saved IIF File with Microsoft Excel.
  4. Delete the first two rows of the Excel document.
  5. Go to Filemenu and save the file.
    When you save the file, ensure that you click Yes to all the saving questions to keep the IIF format.
  6. Save the IIF file to any external drive (USB drive, hard drive) and copy it to your MAC computer.

On your Mac computer

  1. Copy the IIF file from the USB drive or other media to the desktop.
  2. Import the IIF into your data file.
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