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Download templates for Statement Writer from Accountant Community Site

The list of available Financial Statements in QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW)* can be expanded by downloading templates from the Accountant Community Site.

Detailed instructions
  1. Download the QuickBooks Statement Templates (QST) to your computer.
    1. Click here to download the QST Templates and save the downloaded file to a convenient location on your computer – usually the templates sub-folder in your Statement Writer directory. (Steps will vary depending on the Internet Browser and Operating System in use).
    2. From the QuickBooks Reports menu, click Statement Writer.
    3. Click the Design New Report or the Open Report button.
    4. Once the desired set of statements are open, go to the Document Actions pane and from the Tools menu, click Add or Modify Templates.
    5. From the Add or Modify Templates window, you can add either Statement templates or Document Templates.
    6. Browse to one of the statements you extracted from the zip file in step 1.
    7. Add the statements to your templates list.
    8. Click the Close button in the Template Library.
  2. Access the downloaded templates.
    1. Create a new report or within an existing report, go to the Report menu and choose New Report.
    2. On the new report window, you will see the templates you saved denoted by a green icon as opposed to the defaults (blue icon).
    3. Pick your template and choose OK to create it.

*  QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW) was referred to as Intuit Statement Writer (ISW) in earlier versions of Quickbooks.
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