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Resolve data damage, Part 9: Fix damaged list entries (accounts, items, names, etc.)

Note:  For QuickBooks Desktop 2015 - 2017, please go straight to Use Rebuild and Verify Utilities
  • QuickBooks is date-driven and list-oriented. Your lists are second in importance only to the date range you use when creating transactions and running reports.
  • Your lists consist of entries. An item is an entry on your item list; an account is an entry on your Chart of Accounts.
  • List damage is a form of data damage, however, the Rebuild Utility often does not fix list damage.
  • You may suspect list damage if your report is incomplete or if you open a list and the list is incomplete.
  • Important: Steps you take to repair a damaged entry will affect all transactions and reports that use the damaged entry, including reconciled and closed transactions and previous financial statements.
  • Data for the damaged entry (name, contacts, phones, e-mail, custom fields, etc.) may be lost if not added to the new entry.
  • Always merge the old entry into the new entry, i.e., rename the old entry to have the same name as the new entry. To do otherwise is like pouring milk from the new bucket into the old bucket.
  • Merging elements can require a lot of time, especially in larger data files. If you are merging an entry that you use often, it could take hours, or even overnight to merge that entry into a new one.
Solutions to try before you merge list entries
  1. Resort the damaged list. This applies to lists on the List Menu and to the Memorized Transaction List and the Memorized Report List.
  2. Run the Rebuild Data Utility. Rebuild repairs some list damage; you must repair manually any remaining damage.
  3. Create and restore a Portable Company File (PCF). Be sure to rename the restored file.
  4. Inactivate the damaged list entry, create a new entry and use the new entry going forward.
  5. Create a new entry. Wherever you have used the old entry, edit the transaction and substitute the new entry. Then delete the old entry.
  6. Export and reimport your damaged list.
Merging list entries





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