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Install, set up and use the QuickBooks Pro Timer

The QuickBooks Pro Timer (or just Timer) is a separate program that runs independently of QuickBooks for Windows and is installed separately from QuickBooks. With the Pro Timer, you can track time:

  • Spent on a task by running the Pro Timer or by entering the time worked.
  • Without running QuickBooks.
  • On computers on which QuickBooks is not installed, i.e., computers used by owners, partners, employees, or subcontractors.

After tracking time activities, you can export the time data from the Pro Timer and import it into QuickBooks for invoicing and payroll activities.

QuickBooks Pro Timer is a QuickBooks for Windows product and is not compatible with QuickBooks for MAC.

The QuickBooks Pro Timer uses files with four extensions:

  1. *.TDB - The QuickBooks Pro Timer working file. By default, it is found in the QBTIMER directory.
  2. *.BDB - The QuickBooks Pro Timer backup file.
  3. *.LDB - A Microsoft Access file needed for the *.TDB file.
  4. *.IIF - Intuit Interchange Format transfers list data to the QuickBooks Pro Timer and time data back to QuickBooks.
Install and set up the QuickBooks Pro Timer
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