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Customize an Invoice to retain information FOB, Rep, Terms, etc in the header

When you customize an invoice, you may want the header fields (FOB, Rep, Terms, etc) to auto populate when you create a new invoice.
For example, you may want the information in highlighted in the example below to appear on every new invoice.
QuickBooks will not let you save the information to be auto-filled from the customize invoice screen, however, you can memorize the invoice after you customize it. 
See the Detailed Instructions section for the steps required.
Detailed instructions

Create a Memorized Invoice: 

  1. Open the invoice and add the information you want to see
  2. Click Edit> Memorize Invoice.  
  3. Fill out the information on the Memorize Invoice screen, then click OK.  
  4. The next time you want to run this Invoice with the pre-filled information, click Lists > Memorized Transaction List, then double-click your memorized invoice to have it auto-fill with the correct information.  


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