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QuickBooks Desktop user and restriction

There are scenarios wherein the owner or accountant choose to provide restricted access to their employees in order to protect sensitive company information like bank balance and account numbers. This article covers how to create, modify and troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop user login and restrictions.

Detailed Information
Quick tip
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Edition provides more detailed restriction for its users. It is the only Edition of QuickBooks that can create a “view only” user.
  • Changing access for one user's role affects all other users assigned to the same role. If you want to change access for only one user, duplicate the role, assign the duplicate role to that user, and edit the permissions for the duplicate role.
  • You have to go through the same process if you want to modify an existing user but instead of choosing Add User, click Edit User. To view the summary of the restriction that you set up for the user profile, highlight the user and click View User.


  1. From the Company menu, choose Set Up Users and Password and select Set Up Users.
  2. Click the Add User button.
  3. Fill out the User Name, Password and Confirm Password fields.
  4. Click Next.


  6. The succeeding screen will allow you to give the user full, selected or no access to different parts of the company file. When done, click Finish




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