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Record transactions using the register window

This article covers the basic workflow of recording transactions using the register window. 

For Basic information and terminologies, see QuickBooks Desktop Register.

Detailed instructions

In QuickBooks Desktop, Bank Account Register can represent a checking, savings, money market or petty cash. Hence you can record transactions directly into a bank register instead of using Write Checks and make deposit windows. However, we don't recommend this unless you have a background in accounting.

Benefits of using the Register

  • Speed
    You can work quickly especially if your checks have few distribution lines and your business does not require you to track cost of specific items.
  • Visibility of the entire record of the account
    The register can give you a view of all transactions connected to an account unlike as such from Write Check window, which will only show you the transaction that you are entering.

How to Access the Register

  • From the Lists menu, choose Chart of Accounts. Right click the Account and select use Register
    Note: Double clicking the account will also pull up the register unless you are doing this to an income or expense account. Income and expense accounts do not have registers in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To open the register for an individual customer or job, click Customers & Jobs from Customer menu. Right click the customer or job and select Use Register.


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