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Enter a daily sales summary in QuickBooks for Mac

Some businesses, such as retail stores or restaurants, may prefer to summarize all sales for the day, rather than record individual sales to each customer.

Detailed instructions

How you record your daily sales depends on the nature of your business. You can group items together into categories ( for example, different types of merchandise, or food versus beverages), or you can enter specific item totals.

To create a daily sales summary entry:

  1. From the Customers menu, select Enter Sales Receipt.
  2. In the Customer:Job drop down, select your customer.
    You can create a new customer named Daily Sales Summary to use whenever you need to enter daily sales receipts.
  3. Enter each item and quantity sold for the day or add the total amounts broken down into categories that are meaningful to your business. 
  4. If all your sales are paid by the same payment method ( for example, cash ), or if you do not need to separate payments on your deposit by type, decide which deposit method you want to use and select it on the sales summary entry:
    • Group with other undeposited funds: This option allows you to make other additions to or deductions from a deposit, or to group more than one day's sales into a single deposit. It puts the funds in a temporary holding account until you are ready make the deposit in QuickBooks.
    • Deposit To: This option deposits funds directly into an account you choose from a drop-down list. Use this option if you take each day's sales to the bank each day and doesn't have to make adjustments to the amount.
  6. Click OK to save the transaction

Important: If you are using Payment items, you will receive an error stating: "You cannot use a payment item on a cash sale. If you are not receiving full payment for the sale, use the Create Invoices window instead of the Enter Cash Sales window." This is because the Payment item type is meant for partial payments received from customers, not for a cash sale that was paid in full. If you need to use Payment items, use the Create Invoices windows instead.

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