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Import custom fields for Customers, Vendors, or Employees via an IIF File

When importing Customer, Vendor, or Employee information into QuickBooks, you may need to bring in the custom field data as well. Custom fields can be imported through IIF or through the Advanced Import feature in QuickBooks Desktop.
Detailed instructions

If you still need to export list from QuickBooks Desktop, click here.

This is how the file looks in MS Excel:

  • Rows 1 and 2 define the IIF file and include the QuickBooks version (cell 2C) and edition (cell 2B).
  • Rows 3 to 20 define your custom fields and assign them to Customer, Vendor, or Employee.  In the highlighted section, three custom fields are set up for Customers, but not for Vendors or Employees. If you have already set up custom fields in your company data file, you can delete these rows from your import file.
  • Row 21 is the headers for the Customer List information. The columns for the custom fields are not shown in the illustration; they are off to the far right.
  • Rows 22 onwards are the Customer List information.
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