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Reconcile in QuickBooks for Mac

Trying to Reconcile bank account as of specific date, but do not see where to enter the statement ending date.
Detailed Instructions

1. From the Banking menu, select Reconcile.


2. Enter the Ending Balance from your statement.

3. Check all Cleared transactions in the Deposits and Other Credits box as well as the Checks and Payments box. Click Reconcile.

4. The next screen congratulates you for reconciling your accounts (good job). Select the Report that works best for you or hit Close if you do not deire a report. Click Display.


The Reconciliation report will have the correct as of date you reconciled for.

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KB ID# HOW13096
11/19/2017 9:37:13 PM
PPRDQSSWS904 9142 Pro 2018 2512ec