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Your Spell check Dictionary File

QuickBooks saves your additions to the spell checker in a file UserDictionary.tlx. Note: There are several files with the same name and extension. Searching for UserDictionary.tlx may not find the one you need.

Your UserDictionary.tlx file (and the spell.ini file) are included when you make a local backup of your data file.

Find your dictionary file

Your UserDictionary.tlx file is located in your program folder:

  • Windows Vista, 7. 8, & 8.1:  C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks

Note: It is possible that the folders will be hidden. If they are you will want to Display hidden files and folders.

Remove misspelled words from your Spell Check dictionary file.

When you add a word to your UserDictionary.tlx file, QuickBooks creates a backup of that file. Should you record a misspelling to the file, you cannot simply edit the file and remove the misspelling. If you do, QuickBooks restores the file including the misspelling.

 You can delete all added words from your UserDictionary.tlx file:
  1. Exit QuickBooks.
  2. Find the UserDictionary.tlx at the paths above.
  3. Rename the file to oldUserDictionary.tlx
  4. Start QuickBooks. 

When you next run the Spell checker and click to add a word, QuickBooks will recreate the UserDictionary.tlx file.

Find your UserDictionary.tlx after upgrading QuickBooks

After upgrading QuickBooks to a new version, your active UserDictionary.tlx file will be in a different location. This means that all of the words that you added are in the old location. To retrieve your old dictionary file:

  1. Find your old program folder using the addresses above.
  2. Copy your old UserDictionary.tlx file.
  3. Find your new program folder using the addresses above.
  4. Paste you old UserDictionary.tlx  file into the new program folder.
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