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Modify Collections Report to exclude inactive customer:jobs

Exclude inactive customer from the Collections Report.

Detailed instructions
  1. In the menu bar, select Reports, then Customers and Receivables then Collections Report.
  2. Click Modify Report (2011 and earlier) or Customize Report (2012 and later).
  3. Go to Filters Tab.
  4. In the Choose Filter and the select the Name filter.
  5. In the middle section select Multiple Names in the drop down.
  6. The Select Names window opens showing only active customer:jobs.
  7. Select the first name and hold the left click mouse button down and drag the cursor all of the way to the last name.
  8. Click OK in the Select Names window.
  9. Click OK in the Modify Report window.

Now you have a report with only the active customers with balances.

KB ID# HOW13038
4/27/2017 9:48:15 AM
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