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Void an invoice in a closed period

Voiding an invoice in a closed period will affect financial statements for closed periods (particularly income, since most invoices affect income accounts). For this reason, we recommend you do not void (or delete) an invoice that was created in a closed period. Instead, follow the steps below.

Detailed instructions
This will allow you to leave financials as they were in the previous year, while closing the invoice and reducing income in the current year.
  1. Make a note of the customer name, items and amounts on the invoice from the closed period
  2. Select the same customer, items and amounts in this credit memo as the ones noted in step one - ensuring that the date of the credit memo is in the current period
  3. Click Save & Close
  4. The Available Credit window will be displayed

  5. Select Apply to an invoice and click OK
  6. Select the invoice from the closed period
  7. Click Done
  8. Review financial statements, as necessary.
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