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Export to OpenOffice or Google Docs

Officially, QuickBooks exports reports and transactions only to Microsoft Excel.  However, many users are migrating away from the MS Office suite of products and are using alternatives such as OpenOffice or Google Docs.  How can they export to one of these Excel alternatives?

Solution Description

If you click the export button on any report, you will normally have the option to export to Comma Separated Values (.csv) or a new or existing Excel workbook.  If you do not have Excel installed, the Excel options will be greyed out, allowing only exporting to .csv.  Save to .csv.

  • To open in OpenOffice, right-click the .csv file and select Open With.  If OpenOffice is not one of the available options, click Choose Program, then browse to OpenOffice. 
  • To open in Google Docs, open a browser to http://docs.google.com and select Upload.  Browse to the .csv file you downloaded and click Upload File.
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