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Use Microsoft Excel to compute time in hours and minutes from start and stop times

The Time Tracking module of QuickBooks accepts time data in hours and minutes using the minutes and decimal formats (e.g. 9:34 or 9.57).

Detailed instructions
To calculate the duration from start and stop times using Microsoft Excel, set up the cells as the following:
1 Start 9:49
2 Stop 19:23
3 Hours/Minutes 9:34
4 Decimal 9.57
In cells C3 and C4, we will have Excel calculate the difference between the two times and provide the time in both formats. Copy the formula below into each respective cell. To change the format of the cell, right-click and choose Format Cells...

The formula:


Formula Cell Format
C3 =SUM(B2-B1) Time (hh:mm)
C4 =INT((B3)*24)+(MINUTE(B3)/60) Number (with 2 decimal places)


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