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Print all items on an invoice as one line item without creating a group item

You have multiple items that you want to print as a single line on your invoice, however you do not want to create a group item.


  • The steps provided in this article will only work on new invoices and only on charges entered between the Group Item lines.  This process will not work on previously created invoices.
  • The process outlined below does not provide a way to keep the itemized charges from appearing on the screen. The steps in this article only affect the printed copy of the invoice.
Detailed instructions

To print a single line for multiple items on an invoice without creating a new group:

  1. Create a generic Group item:
    1. Select the QuickBooks Lists menu and then select Item List.
    2. Click the Item button at the bottom left and select New.
    3. Click the Type drop-down arrow and select Group.
    4. Enter a name or number in the Group Name/Number field.
    5. Enter a description of the group item, in the Description field (this is optional). If you want to add a description at the time you create the invoice, you will need to place it on the Total line.
    6. Leave the Print items in group blank.
    7. Do not specify any items to be used in the group item.
    8. Click OK.
  2. Create a new invoice by selecting the Customers menu and then select Create Invoices.
  3. Insert the new blank group item, created in step 1, on the first line; the first line will have the item name and all other columns will be blank.
  4. Right-click on the second line (the same line that has the amount total) and select Insert Line for as many lines as needed.
  5. On the blank lines created in step 4, between the generic group item name and the amount total, enter the items that you do not want to print individually.

Important: The printed invoice does not display the item description or item codes, it only displays the generic group item and the total amount for all the items you entered in step 5 above. 

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