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Reconcile a beginning balance that was entered in the Bank Register

This article details how to reconcile the beginning balance for a bank account if it was not automatically reconciled by QuickBooks.

Solution Description

QuickBooks automatically reconciles the beginning balance if you enter it during the EasyStep interview or when you create the bank account. If you enter the opening balance in the account register after the bank account was created, you will see a “0.00” for beginning balance in the Reconcile window. In this case, you need to reconcile the beginning balance.


There are two ways to reconcile the beginning balance.

Method 1
  1. From the Banking menu, select Reconcile
  2. In the Account field, select the Bank Account.
  3. In the Statement Date, enter the date of the beginning balance.
  4. In the Ending Balance, enter the same dollar amount of the beginning balance.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Check off the beginning balance found under Deposits and Other Credits column.
  7. Click Reconcile Now.
Note:  The beginning balance will show the actual beginning balance instead of “ 0.00”.
Method 2
  1. Create a new Bank account
  2. In the Add New Account window, click Enter Opening Balance.
  3. Enter the opening balance and statement date then click OK.
  4. Click Save & Close.
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