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A report of employee earnings by Customer:Job

This report shows employee earnings during a specific time period, by Customer:Job, for a specific Customer:Job using payroll reports in Microsoft Excel.

Solution Description
  1. From the Reports menu, select Employees & Payroll.
  2. Select More Payroll Reports in Excel and select Employee Time & Cost.
  3. Excel will open and display a window labeled QuickBooks Time sheet Report in Excel
  4. Choose desired settings:
    1. Total by.
    2. Sort by.
    3. Optional Columns.
  5. Select Date Range.
  6. Check the box Include only Unbilled Time if needed.

After the report is created:

  1. Click the Customer:Job header.
  2. Choose Filter from the Data menu item, then select Auto Filter. (There will now be drop down arrows for the headers)
  3. Click the drop down arrow for Customer:Job and select the Customer:Job reporting on.

Note: If you delete the first row Time Data, clicking on the Customer:Job header and adding the filter will give drop down arrow for Customer:Job only and not all headers.

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