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Create a journal entry that will contribute to a 1099 Vendor Report and impact financial reports

A 1099 Vendor Report shows the transactions that will contribute to the amounts on a 1099 for your vendor. Usually these transactions are simply checks or bills. However, you may need to use a journal entry to make an adjustment that will affect the 1099 amounts and impact your financial reports. 

The 1099 Vendor Report will include any line that includes BOTH an account mapped to a box on the 1099, AND a Vendor who is marked as a 1099 Vendor.

Note: If an Accounts Payable account is used on the Journal Entry, you will also need to apply it to a bill or payment. (Unpaid bills or unapplied payments don't contribute to a 1099.)

Detailed Instructions
  1. Setup your 1099 vendor and accounts.
  2. Create the journal entry.
    1. Enter the credit on the first line with an account (usually a cash account). This line should not have a vendor name.
    2. Enter the debit on the second line with the 1099 account (expense). This line should have the 1099 vendor name.
  3. Sample journal entry:

    Sample 1099 report:

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