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Merge online bank or credit card accounts to change the bank name or the way you connect

You may find it necessary to merge two online bank accounts or credit card accounts if you are:

  • converting from an old account to a new account.
  • chaning the name of the financial institution that you connect to (for example if your bank is acquired or acquires another bank).
  • changing how you download your bank transactions (from direct connect to web connect or vice versa).
When you attempt to merge the accounts you may get a message stating that online accounts cannot be merged. Typically you receive this message because there are pending transactions or downloaded transactions that have not been matched in your original account.
This article provides the steps needed to successfully merge the accounts without deactivating the online services.
Important: If you need to merge two accounts that need to be set up for online services with the exact same bank (sometimes done as a troubleshooting step), then please see Merge online bank or credit card accounts with the exact same bank name.
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