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Changing the account assigned to an item

Linking an account to an item allows you to make a connection between the items you sell and how those sales affect your business' bottom line.

You can change the account linked to an item by editing the item. This change can affect all existing and future transactions, or future transactions only (depending on the account field you are changing).


Note: Be sure that there is no Accountant's Copy out for review when trying to change the item; if so, you will not get the option to affect the changes for past transactions.

Changing the Asset or Cost of Good account will not give you the prompt to change prior and future transactions. It changes them all automatically

Detailed instructions
  1. Click on Lists >  Item List. (for SimpleStart, select the Company menu, then select Lists > Item List)
  2. Double-click the item you want to change to open the Edit Item window.
  3. Change the account in the Account or Income Account field. (The field name varies depending on the item type.) Similarly, you can change the Expense Account, COGS Account (Cost of Goods Sold), or Asset Account (for inventory) fields, where these apply.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If asked if you want to affect existing transactions, click either Yes or No. Clicking Yes will affect all transactions using this item, including any prior to a set closing date. Clicking No will affect only new transactions that are entered after the date changed. (Click Cancel if you want to return to the Edit Item window.)

Changing the Account for a Service Item, Non-Inventory Part, Other charge, and Discount items or changing the Income Account for an Inventory Part will prompt you to allow changes for future only or all transactions.

Changing the COGS Account for an Inventory Part will apply the changes to all transactions using this item.
Changing the Asset Account for an Inventory Part will apply changes to all transactions whether or not you say Yes or No to the prompt.
Changing the Asset Account on an Inventory Assembly will retroactively update the transactional information for the item.


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