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Print DBA or four lines on Vendor 1099 form

This article provides steps on how to print a 4-line address 1099 form that includes DBA or "Doing Business As" .

Detailed instructions

How to include DBA

  1. From the Vendors menu, select Vendor Center.
  2. Right-click the Vendor name and select Edit Vendor.
  3. In the Company Name field, type in the initials "DBA" before the actual Company Name.
  4. Fill in the First Name, M.I. and Last Name fields.

View the 1099 form

  1. From the Vendors menu, select Print/E-file 1099s/ and click 1099 Wizard.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Select the name(s) of 1099 eligible vendors that you want to preview and click Continue until you reach the Choose a filling method screen.
  4. Click Print 1099s, select the date range and click OK.
  5. Click Preview 1099.

    The following information should appear on your form.
    • First line: First and Last Name
    • Second line: DBA and Company name
    • Third line: Address
    • Fourth line: City, State and zip code
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