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Manually match Online Banking statement with transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Transactions may need to be manually matched when the statement download includes payments for the same amount and vendor; including recurring payments.

  • Always verify transactions categorized as Matched before confirming them as a match. 
  • If discrepancies are encountered between your QuickBooks transactions and the Online Banking statement download, match them manually.
  • As a precaution, it's recommended you make a backup prior to downloading or importing any transactions in to QuickBooks.

 Note:  QuickBooks Desktop attempts to match transactions by amount, number, payee then date (i.e. closest date, then oldest unmatched date).

Detailed instructions

To correct a mismatched transaction, follow the steps below to manually match to the appropriate transaction.

  1. Open the Bank Feeds Center to view transactions downloaded or imported from your bank.
  2. From the Transactions List, go to the Action column for the transaction you'd like to manually match, click the dropdown and select Match to Existing Transaction.
  3. Select the appropriate transaction, click Confirm Match to Add/Approved transaction to the register.

Option 1: From the Action column drop-down, select View Details then Not a match

When the View Details window closes, QuickBooks cycles to the next best match. Click on View Details to Confirm, or choose Not a Match.


Option 2: Manually match to an existing transaction in the register. Select Match to Existing Transaction from the Action column. 

Important: Transactions can only be edited from the Need Your Review section of Bank Feeds. It may be necessary to click Not a match multiple times as it cycles through the remaining possible match scenarios.

Option 3: Switch to Classic (register mode) to manually match.

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