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Transferring the Chart of Accounts From Enterprise Solutions to Premier or Pro.

Starting a new data file in QuickBooks and use the Chart of Accounts (or any list such as Customers or Items for example) from my Enterprise file.

Detailed Instructions
Change the version, and/or release, of the .IIF so it will import into lower or older version of QuickBooks:
  1. Open Enterprise Solutions 9.0 (for this example)
  2. Go to FILE, click on UTILITIES then EXPORT, and select "Lists to .IIF File.."
  3. A "EXPORT" window will pop up with choices of lists that can be exported. (Selecting Chart of Accounts for this walk thru)
  4. On the next window, select where you want to save the .IIF (desktop for now) give the file a name, such as ACCOUNTS.IIF. and click SAVE.
  5. Now close Enterprise.
  6. Double click on the file you just saved to desktop. (Should open with Excel, however if it does not, right click and choose "Open with", "Choose Program", scroll thru list and select Excel. You may want to check the box "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file")
  7. Once the Spreadsheet has opened, you will be editing possibly three boxes (B, C and D) on line 2:
    • -Box B: is the "Program" being used. Currently will say "QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions". We will change this to the program we will be using to import the Chart of Accounts (COA). In this walk thru, lets use "QuickBooks Premier".
    • -Box C: is the "Version" or year of program. Currently will say "Version 19.OD". We will change this to match the Version/year of QuickBooks we are importing COA to. In this walk thru, lets use "Version 18.OD". (15.OD for 2005, 16.OD for 2006, 17.OD for 2007, 18.OD for 2008 and 19.OD for 2009).
    • -Box D: is the "Release" your program is on. If it says anything other than "Release R1P", change it to "Release R1P".
  8. Save the .IIF file. Go to File and click Save (you will get couple messages regarding the format, just click "OK" thru messages).
  9. Now open QuickBooks 2008 to the company file we want to import lists to.
  10. Go to FILE, click on UTILITIES then IMPORT, and select ".IIF Files...".
  11. The next screen will be a "Import" screen. Browse to location of .IIF (desktop for now) and select "ACCOUNTS.IIF" then "OPEN". 
  12. You will receive a message: "Import complete". You have just exported/imported COA from Enterprise 9.0 into QuickBooks 2008.
Note: Any On-line Banking setups will have to be setup again.




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