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Print UPC barcodes on inventory tags rather than the barcodes that represent item numbers

Using the Print Designer in Point of Sale, you may choose which fields print on inventory tags and other forms.

Detailed Instructions
To print UPC barcodes on inventory tags:
  1. Choose Tools > Print Designer.
  2. Select Inventory Tags in the Select a Document Type field.
  3. Select the tag style on which you will be printing in the Available Templates list, click Options and then select Copy Selected.
  4. Click Save, enter a name for this new template and then click OK.
  5. Click the sample barcode and then click Remove.
  6. Click the sample item number and then click Remove.
  7. Click Add and select Data Field or Group of Fields.
  8. Select BARCODE: UPC and click OK.
  9. Drag the sample barcode to the bottom of the tag. You may have to move other fields to make room for it.
  10. Click Save, click Close and then click Close again.
  11. Choose Edit > Preferences > Workstation (In Version 10 choose File > Preferences > Workstation).
  12. Select Documents & Printers and, on the Inventory Tags line under the Template column, select the tag design you named.
  13. Click Save. The next time you print inventory tags, the UPC Barcode will be printed on them.
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