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Setting up Sync Manager after restoring the company file to a new location

Intuit Sync Manager is designed to sync data from a company file on one computer and in a single location. If the company file is renamed, relocated to a different folder, or moved to a different computer, Intuit Sync Manager will be unable to find the file and perform the data sync.

If that happens, use one of the following solutions to resolve the issue.


Detailed instructions

Option 1: Continue to Sync the original company file

You may continue to allow the original file in the original location to sync to your online services; in this case, no action is required. However, only the original file will be kept in sync with Intuit online services.

If you do not want to continue syncing the original company file, use option 2.


Solution 2: Reset Intuit Sync Manager to sync the company file in a new location

Note: Larger files will take longer to complete the sync process.

  1. Disable Sync Manager for the original company file:
    1. Open Sync Manager on the original computer.
    2. If you do not see your company listed, go to the Options menu and choose Show details.
    3. Locate your company file name, click the drop-down list on the right-hand side, and select Disable.
  2. Reset Intuit Sync Manager for the new computer:
    1. Open your company file in the new location and sign in as the Admin.
    2. Go to Help > Manage Data Sync > Reset Intuit Sync Manager.
    3. Sign in at the prompt using the same user ID and password that was used to set up data sync on the original company file.
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