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Pay commission to sales representatives

If your sales reps are independent contractors, you can add the REP field to your sales forms, and use it to enter the initials of the sales rep responsible for the sale.

Detailed Instructions
  1. Add or edit each sales rep on the Vendor list and make sure they are setup as a 1099 Vendor.
    1. From the Vendor menu, choose Vendor Center.
    2. Right click the name of the vendor and select Edit Vendor
    3. Under the Tax Settings tab, enter the Vendor Tax ID and click to check the box for Vendor eligible for 1099
    4. Click OK to close the Edit Vendor window.

  2. Add each sales rep to your Sales Rep List.
    1. From the Lists menu, choose Customer & Vendor Profile Lists, and then select Sales Rep List.
    2. Click the Sales Rep button and choose New.
    3. Choose a name from the Sales Rep Name drop-down list and click OK (or Next, if you're planning to add another sales rep now).

  3. On each customer invoice or sales receipt, choose the sales rep from the Rep drop-down list.
    Note: If the REP field is not on your form, you can customize the form to show it.
    1. From the List menu, choose Templates.
    2. Right click the form that you want to customize and click Edit Template to open the Basic Customization window.
    3. Click Additional Customization button and click to select the checkbox for REP under the Screen column (Print is optional).
    4. Click OK to close the Additional Customization window.
    5. Click OK to close the Basic Customization window.
  4. See how much each of your independent sales reps has sold by creating a Sales by Rep Summary Report, and customizing the report to show sales only for that rep.
  5. Using the figures from your report, determine the commission due each of your representatives.
  6. Write a check in QuickBooks to pay the commissions you owe.


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