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Troubleshoot tag printing issues in QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop

This article describes the steps to resolve the following printing issues with the Zebra tag printer:

  • Error: Barcode Active X class not registered ActiveX TBarcode 3.0.ocx
  • Printer appears to function properly but the labels are either blank or have very faint printing
  • Tags not printing
  • Available designs field is blank or only showing Avery labels
  • Jewelry tags are printing in between the tags and cutting off while using the Zebra LP 2824 Plus printer
Why this is happening

Printing issues may occur if:

  • Printer is not compatible with QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop
  • Thermal paper is not properly placed in the printer
  • Printer is not connected to the computer
  • Printer is not configures on the Point of Sale preferences
  • Printer is offline
  • You are attempting to print to non-thermal tags
  • Damage to the Zebra printer driver installation
  • Some Zebra printers were shipped with incorrect power supplies that did not supply sufficient voltage to the printer
  • Printer drives are damaged
How to fix it

There are many possibly causes for printing problems. Below are some basic printing issues to review and some printing setup requirements for QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop.  The first may resolve your issue, or you may need to try them all.



To resolve issues with jewelry tags printing in between the tags and cutting off while using the Zebra LP 2824 Plus printer:

Note: If it does not allow you to print jewelry tags at all, reinstall your Zebra tag printer to resolve the problem.
  1. Find the item your printing tags for, click I WANT TO.
  2. Select print tags, from the dialog screen you should see black bar indexing for jewelry tags CHECKED, this prints the label too high on the tag.
  3. Uncheck the black bar indexing for jewelry tags and print one tag.
    Note: The tag should look properly aligned, if not, print another without changing any options, this tag should print incorrectly in the middle of the two tags.
  4. Put the check mark back in and print another tag.
  5. Print 1 more time with black bar indexing for jewelry tags CHECKED. This should print properly and now you can print any number of labels properly for any number of items as well.

Important: Everytime you change rolls or press calibrate, you will need to repeat these steps to properly align the jewelry tags.
(If these steps do not work, in step 3 above, print one more time without changing any options. Total of 3 times with black bar indexing NOT checked.)

If issue still persists, reinstall the Zebra printer.

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