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Convert data from Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop

Detailed Instructions

If you have a 2011 or older Quicken file, please download and run the Quicken to QuickBooks conversion tool first which will convert your QDF file into a newer format that can be read in QuickBooks 2012 or newer.

  • If you have already ran the tool, proceed below to Step 1.

If you have a 2012 or newer Quicken file and want to go to QuickBooks, proceed to Step 1 below (you don't need the Quicken Converter).

  • If you are converting data from Quicken for Mac, please refer to Converting a Company File from Quicken for Mac to QuickBooks for Mac or Windows.
  • You cannot convert a Quicken for DOS 1-4 file into a QuickBooks for Windows file. You must either upgrade your Quicken file to a newer version of the software or start a new company file. You can use reports to see what historical data you will need to enter.

Step 1: To convert Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop (Quicken file from 2012 or later) or after you have run the Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion Tool (if you had a Quicken file from 2011 or older):

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Choose the File menu > Utilities > Convert > and then select From Quicken.
  3. Select the Quicken .QDF file you want to convert. Note: If you have used the Quicken Conversion Tool you will see a folder on your desktop that contains the approriate QDF file to use. The folder will be named Q12Files or Q13Files.
  4. QuickBooks will guide you through the remainder of the conversion process.
  5. Note: If you get a message that says "It looks like you're converting from an older version of Quicken. Before we convert your file, please use the Quicken Conversion Tool first.", you will need to use the Quicken to QuickBooks Conversion Tool to convert the file to QuickBooks.


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