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Check a gift card balance, in QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop

This article explains how to check a gift card's balance in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Detailed Instructions

To check the balance of a gift card from a sales receipt:

  1. Even if you are not making a sale, choose Point of Sale > New Sales Receipt.
  2. Choose I Want To > Check a Card Balance. The Gift Card Balance Inquiry window appears.
  3. Swipe or enter the card number and then click Check Balance. QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop will connect to the service and display the card balance.

Note: To view the balances of all outstanding gift cards run the Gift Card Balance Summary report:  Choose Reports > Payments > Gift Card > Balance Summary.  This report is based on transactions recorded in QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop. To verify the current balance of an individual card it is recommended you use the procedure above.

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