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General troubleshooting for QuickBooks Desktop

There are generally four areas of troubleshooting. Generic troubleshooting starts with finding out which of the following areas the issue falls into:

  • User (Windows or QuickBooks Desktop)
  • Data File (actual file that contains information)
  • System (computer and/or network)
  • QuickBooks (program/application)
Detailed instructions

 Note: If there is an error message, the QuickBooks Support Page generally has information on its resolution:

  1. Write down the error message exactly
  2. Write down when the error occurs (for example, if the error occurs after clicking print, make a note of that)
  3. Go to www.quickbooks.com/support
  4. In the search area put in the exact error message
  5. Follow the Knowledge Base Article that comes up
  6. If unable to resolve, check the QuickBooks Communities or other QuickBooks Support Options.

The following are detailed steps on how to narrow down the cause of your issue. Once you know the cause, it should be much easier to resolve the issue.

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