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Correct the Other Names list

As part of verifying and rebuilding the QuickBooks Desktop company data, you might have to correct the Other Names list.

Detailed Instructions

To correct the Other Names lists:

  1. Select the QuickBooks Desktop Lists menu, select Other Names List and select the Include Inactive checkbox.
  2. On the Other Names List window, look at the Names list and correct any of the Rebuilt 1, Rebuilt 2, etc., names you find.

    1. Click a name to highlight, then click Reports.
    2. Select QuickReport.
    3. On the Other Names QuickReport, click the Dates drop-down arrow and select All to run a QuickReport on the name for all dates.
    4. On the QuickReport window, double-click transactions to determine who they belong to. Note: You might need to compare the QuickReport to your paper records. You must determine the proper type for the name. Change the type to put the name on the correct list, then edit the name in that list back to the original name.
  3. Save your changes.
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