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Create and restore a portable company file (.QBM)

A portable company file provides a compact, efficient copy of only your financial data. It is often used to send your financial data by email or portable media such as a flash drive.

Unlike a backup file, it does not include letters, logos, images, and templates. It also doesn't contain a transaction log (.tlg file), which can be used to restore transaction data with the help of a technical support agent.

Because QuickBooks also re-indexes your file when restoring a portable company file, it can also be an effective tool for resolving data problems when other methods such as verify and rebuild are not enough to fix the damage. For more details, refer to the Portable company files overview.

WARNING: When you restore a portable company, always rename the original. Never overwrite an existing data file.

Detailed Instructions

Instructions for creating or restoring portable files vary depending on the version of QuickBooks you use.  You must be logged into the Company File as Admin in all versions.

Note: If you are attempting to resolve data problems you must ensure not to overwrite the original file when restoring.

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